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What makes Opus Creative Design tick?

Who we are

Graphic design services offered

Opus Creative Design is a small graphic design and branding agency based in Knutsford, Cheshire. Led by Dave Bradburn, we are a growing team of associates who offer our specialist expertise and knowledge for your benefit. We believe that every business and organisation can benefit from good, clear communication. Our role is to present your message in a way that catches the attention of your audience and encourages them to read and take in that information.  

We work with clients in a wide range of sectors, from accountants and IFAs to schools and education providers. We love that variety – no matter what the sector, there’s always an interesting angle to look at. And whilst we work with some large, well-known brands our real passion is for working with far smaller organisations where we can make a real difference to their success and growth.

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Why Choose Opus Creative Design

Opus Creative Design

Why choose us

Our priority is you. We look at your desired goals and outcomes and design with those in mind. We always want to design something that looks great but it’s not about surface level prettiness – the real success of a design is the depth of thought that sits beneath. What will resonate with your target market in order to steer them towards working with you? 

We’re here to work as your design and marketing partner, not just as an ordinary supplier. The better we understand each other the greater the effectiveness of the work we create for you. We have clients that regard us as an extension of their team where they trust that we understand them so well that we know what they require even before they do! Our retained packages are ideal for those clients. Either way, the most successful projects are where it’s a genuine team effort. 

The environmental impact of the work we produce is important to us. We encourage our clients to choose options that take this into consideration, for example with the choices of paper stock and by steering away from using plastic laminates. Wherever possible we specify printing processes and paper stocks that match FSC standards, and we encourage our suppliers to reduce the use of plastic in their delivery packaging. 

Opus creative design

Sustainability matters

The environmental impact of the work we produce is important to us. We encourage our clients to choose options that consider sustainability, for example in the choice of paper stock and by steering away from plastic laminates. Wherever possible, we specify printing processes and paper stocks that match FSC standards, and we encourage our suppliers to reduce the use of plastic in their delivery packaging.

Opus Creative are Sustainable Designers
About the Opus Creative Team

Who we are

Our Team

We have an extensive team of associates who can advise on and implement a wide range of marketing activities. Marketing strategy, copywriting, social media, websites, digital marketing, photography and much more. As a result we can bring in the relevant expertise as and when required. If you need help please just ask.  

Dave Bradburn

After graduating from Exeter College of Art and Design with a degree in Graphic Design and Typography way back in 1998, Dave enjoyed working in several design agencies in Cheshire and Manchester before setting up Opus Creative Design in 2007.  

Dave is a keen business networker and has benefitted from the opportunities that various groups have offered over the years – not just in terms of finding clients, suppliers and referral partners, but also by stepping out of his comfort zone by leading groups and developing presentation skills. His role as a School Governor has also provided the opportunity to acquire new skills whilst giving back to the local community – something that Dave is passionate about doing in a number of ways.  

Likes: Ian Rankin books. Dislikes: Marmite.

Approach to life: don’t take things too seriously

Gill Bradburn

As a former Primary School teacher, Gill is here to argue about Oxford commas and recoil in horror at sentences starting with a conjunction! And she’s good at writing on the office whiteboard too! Gill is responsible for a lot of the admin and behind-the-scenes tasks – invoicing, bookkeeping and the like – freeing Dave up to do spend more of his time on looking after and working with clients. 

Likes: A good restaurant.  Dislikes: Being seen on video.

Approach to life: Put some Take That on.

Boris, Ollie and Ellie of Opus Creative Design
Boris, Ollie and Evie

Our four-legged members of the team certainly bump up the numbers in the office and do like to be given the opportunity to welcome visitors. However, it has to be said that their contribution towards workload is questionable. Ollie does like to keep Dave’s seat warm when he’s elsewhere though and they can occasionally be seen Zoom-bombing (is that a thing?) online meetings.  

Like: tickles. Dislike: Vets.

Approach to life: Eat first, ask questions later

Theo Paphitis SBS Award


Opus Creative Design

Opus Creative Design was selected by former BBC Dragon and Rymans Chairman, Theo Pathitis, as an SBS (Small Business Sunday) winner on Twitter. Dave and Gill have enjoyed the opportunity to meet Theo and to attend the events that are hosted for the winners.