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Brand identity and logos

A strong brand identity is essential if you want your business to be memorable and create the right perceptions in the minds of your potential clients. Your brand identity involves a collection of tangible expressions of your company, such as logo, colours used and typography design. The more distinct, specific, and co-ordinated these elements are, the better the chances that they will form a unique brand that is recognized and respected. Whether you require a full brand identity or a simple logo, we offer packages that will help your brand to stand out.

Donelan Property Logo Design
Carol Smith Mortgage Services Branding Guidelines

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Brand guidelines

Think of your brand identity as your company’s personality. It’s how the world recognizes you and begins to trust you. If you see someone change how they look and act all the time, you won’t feel like you know who they are, and you certainly wouldn’t trust them. In business too, inconsistency confuses and alienates your customers. A style guide is needed because it helps your business communicate in a consistent way across all channels.

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Business cards and stationery

We design letterheads, business cards and compliment slips. Having your company stationery professionally designed gives the right impression to your customers and clients. Many businesses have a professional logo created but then don’t apply the same high-quality look and feel to their stationery templates. Your business stationery is another part of your company branding and should be designed by professionals, so it is both on-brand and looks great.

Compass Building Consultancy Stationary Design
Vocalise Newsletter Design

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Every day we receive a high volume of emails: long, short, beautiful, and ugly too! Which category do your emails fit into? Cost effective and affordable, a professionally designed email newsletter provides a reusable marketing tool that improves awareness of your brand and generates new sales leads. We can design a newsletter layout in line with your website and other branding to communicate a consistent image to your target audience and demonstrate that you are a professional organisation, with high quality brand values.

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Flyers and leaflets

High quality leaflet design and printing is a valuable business investment, rather than a cost. Opus Creative Design has many years’ experience designing and printing superior quality leaflets that stand out from the crowd and get great results. A poorly designed leaflet won’t be noticed, or worse, can promote a negative impression to potential customers. Professional design makes that vital first impression count, by creating high-quality leaflet to generate interest and sales.

Hands on Heart Flyer Design

Retained services

Especially suited to clients who have regular design and artwork requirements, our Retainer packages offer a flexible and cost-effective option that requires minimal administration compared to briefing each project separately.

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Corporate literature and reports

The design of business reports and documents is an essential element of your company’s marketing collateral. Not only must your reports and documents accurately communicate the information you need to convey, they must do so in a clear, relevant way, while also reflecting your company branding and values. We can produce any format of reports or documents you may need, whether that be digital, printed, dividers, covers, reports, notebooks or guides.

BPN Corporate Literature Design
Bespoke Lettings Literature Design

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Marketing literature, brochures and folders

A marketing brochure is one of the oldest tricks in the traditional marketing playbook. While digital strategies are dominating the modern marketing trends, traditional techniques like the trusty sales brochure are still very much relevant. In fact, professionally designed physical marketing media can be more powerful than ever. At Opus Creative Design we understand that the best marketing strategies integrate both digital and physical media. We are experienced in deploying a design concept across all forms of media required.

Opus Creative Design

Training resources

The appearance of training materials matters. Good design boosts readability and retention levels as well as reinforcing your all-important brand identity. We can produce detailed trainer’s notes, handouts, display boards, attendee badges and PowerPoint templates.  Our designs work well both for remote delivery and for face-to-face events.

NHS Training Resources Design
STAFFflow Infographic Design

Opus Creative Design


The average user reads less than 30% of page content and the rest of the information they absorb is visual. Infographics therefore are an excellent way to communicate complex information in a memorable and engaging way. We are skilled at creating infographic images for use in reports and on your website that will match your brand imagery and convey your message and data clearly and succinctly.

Opus Creative Design

Banners and signage

Here at Opus, we can offer creative solutions for all your display needs. Our mission is to help you put on a bigger, better and brighter display. Our professional team is experienced in the design and production of printed boards, pop up stands, internal and external signs, A boards, pavement signs, exhibition stands, and roller banner stands amongst others.

ice Art Gallery Banners and Signage Design
Plenary Brochure Design

Opus Creative Design

Exhibition graphics

Memorable exhibition graphics are important for any exhibition display stand that hopes to get noticed. Professional graphic design will help you deliver your key message and create an exhibition stand that marks you out from the crowd and attracts more visitors. We are experienced in the creation of distinctive imagery aligned to match your brief and brand requirements.

Opus Creative Design

Print advertising and posters

A perfect print ad that mixes the right words with a spot-on picture can be extremely impactful. From full-scale advertising campaigns and outdoor promotions to events, retail sales and displays, we will design the perfect poster to capture your audience’s attention.

Various Print Advertisement Designs
BVRLA Digital Literature Designs

Opus Creative Design

Digital literature

Having a sleek and professional looking brochure can be a great asset to your company, and professional design provides great return on investment. A well thought-out and laid-out piece of literature will create that all too important crucial first impression of your business, helping it stand out in a busy marketplace. A professionally designed digital document, that is aligned with your brand values can tell your story succinctly and inspire interest. We design digital literature that can be persuasive selling tool to guide your customers through your sales process.

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Social media and online graphics

Amidst a sea of noise, you have to work harder than ever if you are to be seen. Your visual assets must grab attention and immediately encourage people to read on if they are to be effective. Whether you want us to design a suite of resources or to create a template that you can use to generate your own graphics we have options available to take your online presence to the next level.

Carol Smith Mortgage Services Social Media Graphics
Event Programme Designs

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Event programmes

Event programs are an extremely practical tool for informing guests about the details of your occasion. Not only do they condense an immense amount of important information into a single handbook, but they also serve as gifts for your guests that reflect your brand. We design event programmes that look the part, lay out the information clearly and make your guests want to keep hold of them.

Sector specialisms

Although we work with clients from a very wide range of sectors we do have a few areas with a particularly high level of experience. 

Helsby High School Designs

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We have worked with many different schools and education providers from pre-schools to 6th form colleges, state, academies and private sector. Much of this work has centred around helping schools to attract applications for enrolment, improving the effectiveness of communication between school and parents and also celebrating the successes of the students. Dave’s experience as a school governor and Gill’s many years of teaching experience certainly help us to understand the challenges that schools face and the way in which the education sector often works. 

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Professional Services

We have extensive experience of working with professional services businesses such as accountants, financial advisors, mortgage brokers, coaches and consultants. As a result we have a great deal of understanding of the challenges that businesses in these areas face and the messages that they need to communicate to their target markets

Kavanagh & Associates Professional Services
Brendan Stuart Burns Art Design

Opus Creative Design


We have a significant amount of experience of working with organisations and businesses in the arts, in particular with choirs and a national choral charity, designing logos, songbooks, newsletters and event literature. We’ve created a brand identity for a new art gallery and have created catalogues and literature to promote the work of various artists

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Business Networkers

We’ve networked extensively to build Opus Creative Design to where it is today. It’s proven to be a very successful marketing channel for us and we’ve helped many of the other businesses that we’ve met along the way. From business cards to roller banners and literature we can help strengthen the perception of your brand and make sure that you make a brilliant impression. 

BPM Prospectus Brochure Design